Tablescrap Thingy- Combat Form Nubeirin

Note: keep in mind this is not a moc I am officially presenting to the world, as a proud creation of mine. It is more an experiment, to see what happens.
I made this thingy as “sexy” as I could, even though it’s not as bad as some others I’m sure we know of

What do you think about this? I want your opinion.
plz discuss


Well, honestly, just make the boob s and the thighs less sexualized and it could be pretty presentable.

Sexualized parts withstanding… yeah, no. It doesn’t really fit the oversexualized mark either. No high heels, and some arguably tame proportions.

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I don’t like this.

Otherwise, the build is pretty good. The color scheme could use a bit more, however.

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Hey, it’s an experiment. The point is to provoke reactions like that

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Just giving my opinion.

: P

Just tryna get 'em



Get out.

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I don’t really see why people have an issue with “sexy” mocs, but nuva bubbs are just overdone.

Uh, the experiment has very small feet, but you did say that it was tablescaps.


The chest seems to be a bit too high up, I’d recommend moving it down a stud.

As for the hips, they’re not too bad aside form the rather harsh “transition” to the rest of the torso (maybe smooth the waist out a bit with some System or somethin’).

Also, you should probably cover the open pins; and perhaps give the weapon a smoother transition from the haft to the blade.


[quote=“Windfall, post:1, topic:15460”]
Note: keep in mind this is not a moc I am officially presenting to the world, as a proud creation of mine. It is more an experiment, to see what happens.
[/quote]you don’t tell the lab rats they’re being tested.

disclaimer: no offence intended.

use gold metru feet, make new thighs that don’t have the socket the wrong way around and an overall bad design, make the hips less of a 90’ angle, and lower the chest a stud and it would be fine.

I don’t mind sexualized designs, I mind painful looking designs. huge chest and/or hips with waist and feet too small/unstable to support the mass or hold organs. goes so far toward trying to be sexualized, it doubles back and becomes disturbing. that I mind.

oh, also that looks like a bumper sword from fallout, if that wasn’t supposed to look like shrapnel on a stick, I’d suggest changing it.

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I personally don’t care if a MOC is oversexualized, but this doesn’t strike me as ‘sexy’ since the proportions are fairly tame. The MOC itself as a good flowing texture too it though.

What the heck, Windy? THIS is your tablescrap?! How’s about I pay you $$$ every time you finish a MOC for the leftovers?

Haha, well, it’s not hypersexualized, but it works as maybe just “sexy.” It’s fairly good, I’d say!

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Just wanna let y’all know, I’ve already taken this apart and reused the pieces

And @PakariNation99 Haha, that made me laugh. By tablescrap I mean not something I’m not really invested in, though I guess making things look good is a good thing to do

(Also, are you secretly from the CBW? Cause Windy is my nickname over there too.)

Haha, nope I’m not, but I know RT calls you that from time to time!

This is an experiment in how many people on the boards hate the concept of sex appeal in MOCs.

For the sake of it I’m only going to give feedback on the “experimental” parts of the MOC. For the breasts, they do look a bit big on her. Could be fixed if you took out the Nuva chest and moved them back a unit or moved up her shouldres and neck. The hips, arguably, are not done well at all, they don’t transition well from the body. You’d probably get better results attaching pieces onto the back.

My main complaint with this MOC is one I’ve said to multiple people: Sex appeal added in a way that fits the MOC is fine, but on this MOC you’ve let the “desire” for sex appeal harm the textures and appearance of the MOC. e.g. the breasts and hips are ultra smooth while the armor on her thighs, shins, etc. is textured. So in future, when you try to add a bit of sex appeal to characters, make sure the pieces you use fit the overall appearance of the MOC.


you caught me; I added that crap on on a whim

Here’s a bad picture of regular Nubeirin tho


Well, you wanted to know what people think of “sex appeal” on MOCs, and that’s my two cents.

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