Tabletop Time

A short time ago I was watching a Vsauce2 BiDiPi that mentioned a YouTube channel called Draw With Jazza. I may as well link to everything :P Watching some of his stuff I found that he (Jazza), his brother (Shad), and a couple friends (Rob and Mackie) have a YouTube chanel called It's Tabletop Time! On said chanel they play a SciFi themed Tabletop Pen and Paper RPG of Jazza and Shad's design. I personally had not ever really played or seen such a game played before and I found watching them play very entertaining. Shortly after this is when I first heard of @TakumaNuva's RPG. So, since some people may be like me and not really know what such a game is like, I link you to the channel for your enjoyment and so you can be as excited as I am for TTV playing a Bionicle RPG to be a thing. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Also, Shad, the Game Master (or as he calls himself, the Narrator), has a channel with a handful of interesting videos, some about Pen and Paper RPGs and playing them well, that I think you might like Takuma. LINKAGE.

I think this is the right catagory for this sort of thing, if not lemme know :D