Taha Sol (and extras)

made this last night, and others i had made some other day.

this is the same original pattern, but the final transform is different:

and the same pattern again, but with a completely different final transform as well:

here’s some extras as well:

thanks for checking this stuff out and have a wonderful day


I like them.

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They just keep getting better!

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holy sh*t man, that AWESOME!

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Beutiful, looks great.

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What program did you use to make these? Is it like a kaleidoscope 3d model thing?

apophysis 7X16, Apophysis 3D hack, and Vision of Chaos.they’re fractal programs that you can get… FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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is this what it feels like to be high?

they all look really cool


These are really cool. And look like something straight out of a sci fi movie

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