Tahitu, the gardener matoran of fire

in the Bionicle Inspiration Series, by Ben Cossy, episode 4 Weapons, he says, “I don’t know, say your moc is a gardener, give them a watering can weapon that shoots flames.” I hope I’m fashionably late.


The forearms are really thin. I like the rest of it, and the watering can and plant look great!

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######Fixed title - KAI_BORG

Nice MOC mate! Like the idea/concept!

Especially that little tree-shrub.

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Mocs with funny concepts are always cool, nice work on this one.

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I’d hire him.


Well built, but not sure I like the forearms.

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Haha so cool! Love the little plant.
Good to see someone did that :stuck_out_tongue:


I couldn’t help seeing Tahu peeing on Pohatu’s mask in the first pic. IMAGINATION, KIDS

Nice MOC!

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The fore arms and random metru red fingers dont really look great but thats fine because the rest of the moc is.

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Wow, now that’s creative. I can’t help but be happy in an amused and astonished way by this MOC. I like it.

Really crative use of pieces