Tahlose (Rahi MOC)

One of the many species on Bota Magna, the Toelose are known as the kings of Bota Magna. They are similar to a Tyrantsorus Rex as in there legendary stature. They are only rivalled by one other species, the Manaraz. These beast are pretty fast too, It is the fastest land animal on Bota Magna.


Pretty poor execution of a rahi moc, the only thing that makes it look like a rahi would be its “head” and clawed feet and hands.

It would also help to make it less humanoid and mire dinosaur like
also just noticed its got three legs (what is this a spore creature)
lastly if they are [quote=“A_Niccal, post:1, topic:31567”]
the fastest land animal on Bota Magna.
then boto magna must not have many fast creatures considering this thing has three legs which would make it very difficult to run.

I believe you titled it the Tahlose. :wink:

And I believe you mean Tyrannosaurus Rex, unless the Tyrantsorus is something you’ve made up.

I like that name!

I’d have to agree with @AwesomeJoel27 here, I would ditch the third leg and make it more dinosaur like!


Yah, I’m redesigning the MOC.

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Looks like a rahkshi combiner

I have a feeling you have very few pieces, as I saw a lot of these in your last moc. I feel that you should probably acquire more pieces before you start moccing

Cough redesigning moc couch