Tahtorak - Astral Form (A Self MOC That Needs Help Improving)

This is a self MOC combining my name (Tahtorak) and the Faith Charm I used as my avatar. I’ve Long wanted turn the Tahtorak into a dragon so this is it.

Wow, I can finally make MOCs and take pictures of them. Yaah! My camera got stolen months ago and I haven’t been able to document any work so ALL my projects went of Hiatus. But now I finally have a camera; albeit a crappy one.

Because of my hiatus I’m rather rusty at MOCing so I’m not really pleased with with the Torso. I used two toa mata torsos, but I want something of a more modern design. Any suggestions?

Click here to see full gallary.


Really nice… but needs legs :smile: keep working on it!

it’s a spirit though. I think


  • Like the head with its dragon-like look
  • Looks “extremely cool” in my opinion
  • There is a variety of open pins and axles throughout the model; I could see why for the tail (to show some sort of line of spikes) but still gives it an unfinished look
  • The gears scattered throughout the set ruins its more natural design
  • The symbol around the beast seems to be a little to spindly and colored weird with its multi-colored connectors
  • The black poles on the bottom breaks the running Lewa Nuva Blades on the top (Shortage of Pieces?)
  • The body’s dark green color was not carried onto the tail very well

I would give the MOC a 5/10.
It definitely needs work, but I do like the whole beast Self-MOC idea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great moc! I personally feel that it should have legs, but that’s just my opinion.


Great job.


It’s very recognizable as a Tahtorak but also quite unique.

Weird as a Self-MOC…but I kinda like it like that.


It’s always good to see weird and original self Mocs. I think this is very good- especially the head

Preety nice and unique selfmoc!

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I was aiming for a look similar to Giratina with the hind legs. This is suppose to be its Spirit/Astral form and I intended the hind legs spurs to turn into full legs when it shifts to a full dragon form. (Similar to how Giratina’s spikes turn into legs.) As it stands now, I was going for a fin or airplane wing look in the hind legs, and this was the best a thought of. Design suggestion please!!!

The gears are a tribute to the original Tahtorak:

Only thing I had to make the symbol and and I don’t have enough pieces in any one color. =(

Yep, don’t have enough Air Katanas.

Yes, that’s why I’m asking for design suggestions. 'Cause I’m not sure what to do.

Tahtorak out.


@tahtorak I understand that the gears were carried on from the original Tahtorak and I like how your inspiration comes from the model, but that was one of my biggest issues with the original. Also, sorry if I came off a little too nitpicky. :sweat_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: All is forgiven.

The only parts I’m keeping for sure are the head, the arms, and the tail spike. (Sorry, I like my gears) But this MOC does need help. So I’m looking for design ideas.

@tahtorak I could see why you like the gears. :wink:

I was thinking about maybe making a human (toa) form and using the tail end for a spear tip and the symbol for a shield.

Looks awesome, but needs horns.

Very unique.
I like it.

Reminds me of a certain Dragon-type legendary Pokémon…

Wow this moc is great but something that I have been wondering since I saw you’re username: did you build the original tahtorak?

No, I did not build the original Tahtorak. However, back in 2009 I tried to build one as close to the original as I could, and uploaded building instructions to Brickshelf. So most of the Tahtoraks you will see now are based on my instructions. (I always enjoy see people using my instructions.) As far as I know, mine are the only Tahtorak instructions out there.

Almost 30,000 views…