Tahu 2015 Mata Style

Yet again this is another revamp but this time taking its inspiration from tahu Mata. Ever since I saw the new toa I thought they looked a little over powered and to upgraded. So I made tahu into a downgraded and more basic toa with a chest resembling the Mata chests. I had some spare parts and decided what the heck? Why not? so here’s the moc.




Gearbox/chest (bird’s eye view) :

Sword/epic pose:

Comparison between Mata, revamp, and a modified 2015 version:

Please feel free to critic/ ask questions about the moc.


looks good! I’d suggest using the flame pieces as the sword, though.


0/10 bootleg shell pieces
Jk this moc is great I really like the torso

My one complaint is the feet. otherwise lookin’ good

i love asymmetry in the sword!

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If you have 2 Tahus, why not put the red mask on this dude’s face?


I like this a lot, but as suggested before, I’d include one of the crystal flame pieces on the sword–I think replacing the blade in the back with one of those would look perfect.

Other than that, everything is solid. Nice dispersion of gold, red, and trans-red, and good use of the Rahkshi foot!

What “bootleg” shell pieces? I don’t see any.

The two in the chest, you can see it in the birds eye view.

are those shells number 3 chinese ?

Idk, probably. I got it from a giant lot of bootlegs on eBay.

I really like the last pic. where they’re all lined up.

That’s pretty cool for how simple it is!

Thanks, that’s the style I was going for.

Definitely gives the impression of the older Bionicle builds.

I got to admit this looks great.
The sword’s hilt looks too long.