Tahu Adrenaline Mode MOC

Gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk68xkAs

I didnt think Tahu's gold mask looked good on when he didnt have much gold, So... Here is mine. If you liked Zaron from my previous post, He is here fighting Tahu!
(Edit: Back legs improved!)
Thank You And Buy Ekimu!


he looks blinging

Chain is a little too much.


Cool MOC.


Looks a Tahu

Holy mother, he looks sick with all that gold!

Sees back of lower legs



Someone on BZP said that too!

He looks nice, but you might wan't to fix the legs...

Sadly, I have. I just haven't taken pictures...

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Looking good! The spikey aesthetic works very well. All the gold gives him a very regal and royal vibe.

I recommend embedding at least one image in the topic here on the Boards. It'll help get your creation noticed and drive feedback.

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Done stuck_out_tongue

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But he has more gold, and he's not wearing it in the picture you posted here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tahu, Master of Bling

The spikes on his shoulders and the chain seem a little overboard, but otherwise I like it. smiley


FIXED! Sorry, I forgot to post the other image

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It looks like Tahu was in a tragic shmelting accident.

Awesome cool or Awesome AWESOME!!?