Tahu Cosplay WIP

I think this is where this goes.

This was my haloween costume. It took a few weeks to make. It is made out of cardboard, but I stuffed some air dry clay into the corrugations so you couldn’t really tell that is the case. It isn’t completely done yet, but I figured that it was presentable.

The blue bodysuit and the miru are temporary. The miru isn’t perfect, either. I will eventually make Tahu’s Hau and sew a black bodysuit that I can modify to add some more detail. I need to make shoe covers as well

Youtube Video


I hope you enjoyed.


Cool. But why the Miru?


It’s the only mask that I currently have and didn’t have enough time to make a different mask.




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I guess it’s as good as a bionicle cosplay could be, definitely looks a lot better than I thought it would, you should probably wear a head wrap with that too.
My favorite part is definitely the torso, love what you did with those silver pipes.


@Eljay have you been cosplaying?


Nice! I gotta admire your dedication. Though the torso armour seems a little bit low.

What did you use as a template for this armour? Some of it almost looks like it’s from a Halo Spartan cosplay.


Looks great (infinitely better than anything I could do), but I feel like the ■■■■■ or otherwise should be much tighter. There’s not really anything … fluffy? about Tahu or any Toa. If you could find a smaller ■■■■■ and make the armor more compact, it would be absolute 10/10

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Very nice, I love the attention to detail here.

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Other than the Miru, which I feel a lot of people have pointed out, this is pretty good! And I love that it’s hand made!

@AwesomeJoel27 At least how good it can be using budget materials. Thanks for the comment!

@legomaster1378 I tried to follow the actual figure as much as possible. That is why the armor is so low. I didn’t use any files for this. It was all freehand.

@Baxor I will get an actual skintight suit sometime within the next month. That will get rid of that problem. IT will also allow me to add more detail to the blank sections.

@Stoax Thanks! There may be a bit more detail added later.

@decepticonaiden Thanks! I will make a Hau pretty soon. Needed to get this done for chronicler’s Convergence.


Very impressive!

Makes sense. I just think it looks a bit odd on a human-sized body.

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Kinda reminds me of some basic armor from Halo. Looks pretty neat!

Very impressive

this is remarkably good, GG dude

A better question is: When isn’t he cosplaying?


I mean, Tahu does have a Miru, so I can’t complain about that.
Not bad, though it could be tighter.

Awesome! If this is a WIP, I can’t wait to see what the finished thing will look like!

im going to guess here, but did many people who saw you, mistake you to be cosplaying as Iron Man?

@legomaster1378 I’ll see what can be done while finishing it.

@RaptorTalon Thanks!

@LTVmocs Thank You!

@Middlefingerstudios Thank You!

@General_Hutani Yeah, the coveralls I was wearing weren’t quite skin tight.

@Radiation-7901 Thanks! It will be another few weeks before it’s finished.

@DarkHenrik Some did. Not as many as you would think. Several people mistook me as a spartan, as others have mentioned in this topic.