Tahu & Kopaka 2015 modifications

I have not changed much on Kopaka. Only the things I didn’t liked about his 2015 version such as his shield and his calves.

On Tahu I changed his shoulders, his fists, feet, and back armor. I also covered his calves and added these Hero Factory addon pieces on his upper arms and the front of his lower legs.

I hope you guys like it. ^^


I like Kopaka’s shield.

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Quite like what you did with tahu, much more mata red

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Kopaka’s shield looks pretty sweet, be it a simple mod I like it. I still prefer the original sheild because of it’s ski mode.

Tahu looks alright. The leg coverage is really nice. I think the shoulder/upper arm area has a bit too much red. Maybe replace one of the red addons for a gold one.

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Sadly I don’t have these in gold. If I would I would follow your advice.

I like Kopaka’s thighs a lot better, but the shield doesn’t do it for me. Too much gold.

Tahu looks cool, too. I normally dislike adding red hands and gold feet, but here it looks good, so well done.

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I like what you did with Kopaka, but Tahu is awesome!

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Wow this is really cool! I love the modifications😱

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@Meltington Thank you. ^^
I would have changed the translucent armor piece on his forarms also to mata red but unfortunately I don’t have more red shells of that length.

@PakariNation99 Thank you, I’m glad you like some of the changes. ^^

I could have gave him a big round white shield but… it looked to small in my opinion. So I went with Tarix’ weapons as a shield.

@Triple Well… actually it isn’t even really a ski mode… more like double snowboard mode. xD

But still, thank you for your kind words. ^^

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