Tahu Master of Fire alternate build

I tried to change it up as much as possible, but I had pretty limited options.

From the side.

A bit unsightly from the back, but the function works.

I think it worked out pretty well, especially considering I only used pieces from the original set.


If you were trying to make him have a Pohatu Mata function, I guess you succeeded.

But unfortunately the MOC suffers from this. Going about it in that way has been proven multiple times to not work unless you make some sort of really compact custom gearbox.

The hips are way far apart, the body is shaped awkwardly, the armoring is odd.

But you worked with what you had...


What the... wha...hu? What is this!!!


I can understand that you had part restraints, but this alternate build looks like a Tahu who let himself go. Maybe try going for a more unique design?

I came here for quality content, I was not disappointed

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Good for you! At least this is sort of unique-ish.

The centre of the waist area looks wrong. He looks like a worse, fatter version of Turaga Vakama. Sorry had to be honest :blush:

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is wiurd


this is

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Looks like these eyes

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da bist bonikle aver
red star/10

Tahu should lay off the protodermis shakes.

i can certainly say that this is interesting