Tahu, Master of Fire Revamped

Ya this is Tahu. I did not like the the original set at all. The colors where not spread that well and nothing really popped out. The only thing i liked about the original set was the lava board.

I added black so i can use the fire lord armor and a red brain stock to go back to the mata form as well as the single fire sword. I added gold to all of my toa so the gold mask doesn’t stick out and look bad.

What do you think? Anything you would change? Tell me


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I like the lava armor on his back. : )


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I think there’s too many colours.

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This is nice, too many colours, but good design.

From what I can see, this guy looks cool. His hips look slightly awkward, though. Are you using a custom torso?


The designs are great with the exception of the hips.

Also, you may want to take out some of the black. :wink:

You didn’t like the original set? I personally liked quite a bit, but that’s just me.

The revamp is pretty nice build wise, but color wise not so much. I’d take out the black, and spread the gold out some more, as it’s all focused in the shoulder area.

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I like the original too. Sadly, this revamp fails to feel like it…it is hardly reminiscent of Tahu’s color-scheme which is commonly gold, orange and red - the black is uncalled for.

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Most of the MOC’s design is pretty good, especially the torso, but there’s too much black on it to look really good.

Urm would it be possible to have close ups of the different parts of your moc it looks cool and I would like to see more of it.

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new photos

and next to onua uniter just for scale

and him on oka the dragon king

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Kinda weird, and too many colours, but the lava piece on his back is cool.

Not bad!
The limbs look nice and the sword build is neat!
The only part that I dislike is the pelvis area. I feel as though just using the mata red makes it look unarmored. I think if you add another color there, it will look a lot better!