Tahu Master of fire set # 70787

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Anyways, so this is the first CCBS I have ever owned so its all fresh to me. But what is better set to get introduced with than Tahu? As someone who hasn’t bought any legos since Bionicle stars, this set definitely feels like Bionicle but it also feels very new. Something I noticed as I was building this set was that the construction is very ball joint centric as opposed to gen 1 which more heavily utilized pins and axels which in my opinion is cooler to build with but another thing I noticed was that the way the parts fit together feels much more sturdier and less likely to break. That was so incredibly comforting to me. The gearbox is fairly simple to anyone who has experience with constraction. It allows for both function and posability. I recall that with the Toa Mata, you had to be very precise in placing the gears in the torso and inserting the axels that held them in place because moving one arm moved everything, so you wanted to get it right. That wasn’t so much a problem this time around because a) the shoulders are on ball joints. b) the gears only have four teeth.

Other cool pros: solid color scheme, 2 different types of weapons, trans orange pieces, an extra golden mask and a lava board.

Cons. I only have 2 gripes with these sets.

Posability in the shoulders is a struggle for me because you have both the gears and the ball sockets. But this is only in a certain case. I was dumb enough to try and get Tahu’s arms to raise up in the air but my error was in adjusting the ball sockets and not the gears. I spent longer than I should have trying to fix it until I realized that it all could have been fixed by simply turning the gears. X P Honestly its just as hard to get in this situation as it I to get out of it but whatever.

The head posability is a bit difficult because the mask is too loose. So naturally I want to use the brain stock to maneuver the head just like I used to with the metru heads. WRONG. The brain stock is also very trigger happy and will launch the mask off Tahu’s face. So the only way to turn the head is to grab a microscopic area of the head and adjust or be extremely careful (and desperate) and turn the head by the mask while hoping for the best. In the mean time I have an old habit to kill.

So how far have we come from the original Tahu set?

-Bending knees
-Bending elbows
-Full circular (not spherical) mobility in the top of the legs, hip shoulders, whatever they’re called
-Hand pieces
-Dual function
-more that I can’t put my finger on

9/10 set. Go get it now.


I feel like the set is a bit overpriced, but still a good set. :smiley:

I mean, Tahu contains 89 pieces while Gali contains 87. What’s the deal with that?


Pure popularity.
Once again, the way our society works harms the little man.


I would go get it now, but my walmart TRU and Lego store refuse to let me by them until January 1st

I was thinking about that. With Onua and Kopaka, the price feels justified. Maybe Kopaka pushes that a bit, but when you have the set in hand, it feels large and bulky. It is obvious why Onua is $20.

But for Tahu, I don’t know. I kinda feel that if he was a bit shorter (maybe minus the friction-adding pieces and use shorter leg segments) he would totally be a $15 dollar set. However,

This is also true.

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