Tahu Master Of Fire Stop-Motion Edition

This video was done back in May but figured I'd share it here as so many people did like this video despite it's problems. Basically I made the Tahu Flash animation trailer into a stop-motion replica.

Before you comment: I am very much aware of the issues in the video such as Tahu putting on his mask and the green outside of his blades. Again- this was done several months ago and I was experimenting with an entirely new animation route I never did before. Regardless of the issues and it being a first try- what do you think?


Your animation is outstanding, good sir! (As I've said before!)

Did I tell you that I subscribed?

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Nice special effects

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Thanks I am glad you enjoyed the video!

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You're certainly welcome! :smile:

I think this is a very strong basis! Keep this up and you'll excel for sure!

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Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it :smile:

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This was very well done, love the fluidity of it.

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Holy cow this is very nicely done!

animation was pretty fantastic, I like it

Pretty good start. I look forward to seeing your work in the future.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Glad you all enjoyed my animation despite it's flaws!

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