Tahu, Master of Fire

A revamp of a set that isn't even out yet.

Gave him a Mata-styled fire sword because that's what I prefer.

All he really is is a mod of my Draxis MOC.


Awesome! I really love your custom torsos man!


not bad not bad. I would have preferred a bit more gold. But that's just me.

Yeah, this is a pretty cool moc and I don't know, it's hard to judge since we only have the incomplete box art but I'd say this Tahu looks better then the Lego 2015 one. Then again, hard to judge since it's not released at the moment.

Of course it looks better than the official one; it's a MOC! No parts restrictions or complexity limits!

Yeah your right I'm just saying that I would want to see the official Tahu before comparing the two.

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I like the Technic/CCBS hybrid style you tend to use on you're MOCs. It looks pretty slick, nice job!

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