Tahu Nuva 2.0

I put him in a desert themed diorama because my infinity wall does not have good light being shone on it right now.

So here is something I built as a practice MOC yesterday:

These beautiful custom legs though:

This 2015 armor add-on looks surprisingly well on this creation:

I hope you all get a good laugh out of it.
Love, ~Alex <3


Looks interesting

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But the MOC looks great, man :grinning:

There is never too much when it comes to G1 Toa! :slight_smile:


I'm not so sure about the moc

the arms are weird and the legs seem disproportional

and the overkill of silver and grey

eh I guess he's alright

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The only things I can complain about are the grey tiles on the top of his limbs.Otherwise, it looks fantastic!

It doesn't look to bad, but change the head. It looks... off.

The mask looks strange...

The mask looks strange here.
The lower arms need to be longer.
And his lower legs look a little to bulky.
I do how ever like the over all look of this MOC.

Overall a neat MOC man.

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Interesting design. Needs more red. It sucks that his elbows won't move properly, right?

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It's a really cool little MOC.

Needs more red, but I like the astetic! is that the right word?

There needs to be more red. It looks like it's currently 90% silver/gray and 10% red

It's a little dull colorwise but the build s alright.

Nice moc but the forearms are a little short and upper arms a little long.

This is really great looking.

It could use some orange, but other than that, it looks great. :smile:

Nice work! I like the overall bulkiness of the legs and upper arms.

Could use more red, like others have said, and I think that his lower arms could be longer and thicker, but other than that, this looks like a very solid MOC!

Oh, and BTW I love that background... Maybe not particularly for Tahu, but it just looks so natural.

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Give back his orange and fiery blades , then you have yourself a true Toa Nuva of fire

can he move his knees and elbows?

Reminds me of Sentann @Saxton
rip Sentann