Tahu nuva revamp

Double sided blade

His board can be ridden and stored

With makuta


It looks pretty good! I really like it!

This is pretty nice, and it actually does resemble Tahu Nuva

Too many open pins, which distract me from the build. There’s also open holes for the turaga arms on the back of his legs. Also, the lift pieces on the swords are unnecessary. I wish you kept the function, because now it’s only quality is looks, and it’s just too greebly in that department.

The thing is, Tahu Nuva is far more smooth than this and I feel this revamp only makes him look clunky, which doesn’t seem right. Colors, masks and weapons are fine, I just think it’s not much of a “revamp”, considering some of it’s main functions are gone and looks incomplete.

Maybe if you made the limbs posable, the arm swinging function, and made the arms less clunky you’d have a good revamp.


To be quite honest, I actually thought that was the original Tahu Nuva set at first glance, and almost flagged this as a joke topic. That’s just how well you managed to capture the essence of his figure.
Granted, there is some room for improvement (as with pretty much all MoCs, really), but it certainly does read as Tahu Nuva, so I’d still consider that a win.

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Great revamp! There are just some open axles.