Tahu Sketch & Blank Toa Mata

A sketch I did of Tahu while waiting for life drawing to start this morning. I think it turned out alright overall, though the individual body parts don’t look to great when separated from eachother. I tend to work best when focusing on just one body part. The mask / head stands out to me as being my least favourite part.

Anyway, here it is:

I also did a drawing of a ‘blank’ Toa Mata - how I imagine all the Mata look with all their defining armor removed. Kind of like a Hero Factory skeleton.

Just to confirm: The blank sketch is not intended to be the previously shown Tahu image without his armour - it is an entirely new interpretation of the original Mata design. They are only linked by the source material.


Really like the designs of both sketches. Nice work.

Really well done. Smart use of organic material.

These look really good! :smiley:

very stylistic take on the character, I like it

Very impressive, I love the style.