Tahu: the shadow of Time

I was bored in class today, and so, I drew this:

Only a pen drawing: What do you think?


Cool. It seems like a random school drawing. That’s good.

It appears to be G1 Tahu casting a shadow that looks like G2 Tahu. Am I correct?

That is correct.


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This isn’t worthy of its own topic.


It’s a good piece of art, and it’s not like I have an art topic.


Then perhaps you should make an art topic, my friend.

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Not really.
I suck at art. This is the best I can do, which isn’t saying much. I’m mediocre at Moccing, and a decent writer, but artistry has never been and will never be my thing. Rise was kinda rude, but he has a point – this is good by my standards, but meh at best by any other. That’s why I don’t do art anymore. I am a writer who is also good at MOCcing. I am not an artist.


That doesn’t mean you CAN’T be an artist! I myself am a writer and an artist (granted, the only one I consider good that I’ve posted on here is a Guurahk), but was a mediocre MOCcist. Then, two nights ago, I discovered a penchant for making MOCS after some criticism on a Sand Tarakava arm I made (long story). Point in case, while you aren’t good NOW, you can still improve.