Tahu vs Muaka Cat Pixel Art

My first attempt at pixel art... it's not very pretty, I'll admit. This was really rushed, but I hope to make more (and hopefully better) pixel art in the future.


Why is there a UFO hovering above the Muaka shooting a beam of cement at Tahu?


Tahu looks a little disproportional but aside from that well done smile



I was trying to make Ta-Koro, but I guess I failed at that attempt.

Was that supposed to be the ledge with the telescope on the beach?

What thing? The thing in the background is Ta Koro and they are fighting just a few feet from the bridge.

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Okay. Got it.

Tahu is a bit awkward and giant compared to the muaka, but it's fine aside from that.

The Time travelling Muaka had to get his TARDIS repaired, so that was his comprimise.

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