Tahu's Journey, a story of the Time After Time

Hi. I’m… You can see my username, great. I’m also known as Jayheich on YouTube and after trying to get this story out there, I finally decided I join the Message Boards. I posted this in the comments of a podcast episode a while back, asking for feedback, but mostly wanting to share. And I’m here to do the same thing.

This story is and always will be a work in progress. Once I wrap up the 12 planned chapters, I will go back for lots of editing. The feedback is just to help me establish what I should work on for the sake of other projects. Keep in mind the opening 4 or so pages are just refreshers.

Tahu’s Journey: After the Battle for Spherus Magna, all have settled into this new world of theirs, minus Tahu. Tahu feels as though he has been robbed of some greater purpose now being stuck as a Turaga of Fire and not Turaga Nuva. While learning to cope with this truth with the aid of his friends and the spirit of Mata Nui, the world is placed under threat of ruin at the hands of an unknown enemy that has the might of A Hundred Armies. (Based on a story idea conceived at the end of a Bionicle Autopsy video)


I read the intro, and it seems interesting so far. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this. :slight_smile:


Oh hey! You’re the one that made the MLGTamaru video, right? Well thank you for your interest in the story as it is.


Not to Double post on my own thread.

But for those who have been keeping on their watch list, I’d like to inform that chapter 4 has been finished (and will be reworked) and chapter 5 has begun writing, in case you don’t check very regularly.

Also just letting you all know, I will NOT be checking TTV message boards very often, so if in the event this takes up some traction, I will respond to comments in batches.


Sounds good so far!

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so that’s what I’m gonna be known for

Yep! This story (along with the rest of the Literature Section on the Boards) often goes unnoticed by Board members, so I like to read through the various stories in my free time. (Though I apologize in advance, I still haven’t gotten past the introduction. :disappointed: )


That’s okay, to me it just means you’re invested enough to wait until a good portion is finished. :smiley:


Yeah, you will be known for MLG MNOG parodies.

I’m on the part with the Bohrok and the Baterra now.


Just a quick update. Chapter 5 has been finished. Vezon is fun to write about. So are parallel universes!


I like this a lot, though it might need a bit of proofreading. The grammar might need twitching here and there.

In the meantime, I’m surprised you chose the title like this. While I may never get as good as you, I tried writing this here.

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I’m definitely gonna go back in and proof-read the whole thing once I wrap it all up.