Tailu, Toa of Air


This guy here is my right hand man. He was the first of the eight Toa to join my team. (Other than myself, obviously)

Constructive criticism is encouraged. :sunglasses:


I'm not a fan of the black sticking out on the chest. Other than that, this might fit better as a toa of air.


The back seems pretty awkward, and the textures kinda clash a bit.


Oh, crap. I put the wrong element on his title/description. I have a list, and I must have gotten the powers mixed up. :neutral_face:

looks alright, but lacks a bit of armoring/thickness. The biggest problem many MOCers make is being "frugal" with their parts. Don't be afraid to make custom arms/legs, I was for an obscenely long time and didn't get any better despite MOCing every day.


The textures clash here. The CCBS really only works well on the shoulder armor, also I recommend covering up those open axles with a Bohrok eye or two.


He's skinny. Must've forgotten to eat his Wheaties.

Well this is Nice but,

The back looks weird.
The textures clash a little.
His a toa of air so the skinniness doesn't bug me at all.
I like his colors scheme.
Weapons are real simple, but it alright.

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