Taio toa of magma

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That blue pin on the torso looks out of place. The rest of the moc looks pretty cool though.

lookin great man!

Nice moc! Shouldn't this be in lego creations?

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I'm with @helryx. WE NEED A MOD OVER HERE!
Anyawys, I love it! It's so cool! I love the glider.

@helryx @MiraculousPrime

... Meh

Remember how masters can move topics to other categories?

Really? I had no idea. Man, I need to figure out these boards. I still don't know how to cloud text, or embed videos. I'm a noob. pensive

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[spoiler ]Take out the space[/spoiler]

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Thanks. @Booster_Gold
for helping


Simply paste the URL of whatever video you want to embed directly into the little box where you write stuff.

Like this

Edit: (Now for some on-topic stuff.)

It [Taio, that is] looks quite nice. The only thing I find dis-likable would be the blue pin in his stomach.




For future reference: Since this topic is a video review of a MOC, it should've been moved to the Videos category, and not the Lego Creations category.

Also, unfortunately, @takutanuvaMOCs, since you have yet to achieve Trust Level 3, you cannot post video reviews. You are free to post text reviews, however smile.

If you'd like to know how to achieve Trust Level 3, go here. Also, I implore you to read the rules and guidelines of the boards. It will help tremendously.

Thanks! smiley