Tak210 went on a trip and is back!

I will not be back until Sunday afternoon ;-; but the trip will be cool as its high up in the mountains. Talk to you all soon!


Don’t get eaten by mountain lions.


Have a wonderful trip! The mountains are beautiful. I hope you enjoy the view!


Have a nice trip bro. My cousin lives in the mnts it’s chill up there tbh. have fun

I take some pictures for you, it’s a beautiful mountain lake.

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What mountains man? If ur cool tellin me

It’s in the northwest, the lake up there is Harrison lake I believe.

Oh nice man! Gonna be doing any fishing?

Probably not, didn’t bring a pole, but I can still spear them!

Bro, I live on a mountain.

I see its peak when I wake up in the morning.

But yeah, hope your trip goes swell. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you or something.


Bro this is the peak of the mountain, but ya I love the forest it’s so beautiful.

But ya I’m probably gunna draw the scenery.


Hahaha okay Tarzan.

Dude I’m writing a book (ish thingy) inspired by my adventures in Yosmite, and Glacier. I rock climb there a lot. I lived on a mountain in the forest until I graduated High school.

You just need to remember a few things:

  • Avoid that one guy in the silver truck, trying to give you “free glasses”
  • Bears… It could happen
  • any form of trees, stone, animals, etc. should be avoided
  • Bring Bonklez for some Shweet Photos
  • Meet Steve Urkel from Family Matters and create a Photo Album
  • If you are to meet Christian Hayden, run and yell “You Ruined Star Wars, you freak of nature!”
  • Stay Hydrated and carry tons of snacks (But this entire rule is not necessary)

Have F.U.N.


Have fun! the mountains are my favorite.

May not have bonkles, but photoshop will say they were there.


Don’t eat them at night, and don’t wear deodorant. One time one of my friends saw a dear in the middle of the night. “It’s a skinny bear!”

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Have fun, dude! And be safe, don’t want to fall off, do ya?
Hope all goes well! :smiley:


Don’t bring goats. They’ll eat you alive.


Have fun on your trip, be careful not to fall off the mountain, though most importantly don’t let any skeletmans steal your equipment at night.


The goat was a lie! It was all a lie!
+5 coolness points if you can tell me what that’s from. :sunglasses:

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