Tak210's Contest Winner Voting Booth

Welcome to the voting booth for the contest. I asked for members of the boards to color a certain picture. Here are the best and coolest ones I received:
This is in no particular order btw

First one's done by @EvilLobsterKing. No this one I personally like and think is awesome because of the coloring on the cast. He took his own spin on it and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

The second one is done by @PekekoaOfJungle. This one has some great shading to it, it's to bad he didn't have enough time before the contest ended :stuck_out_tongue:

The third is done by @Oonie. This one has an awesome background and even though the cast is simply colored, the whole picture fits together very well.

Now that you've seen the top three it's time to vote!


You need to get rid of the space in front of the second square bracket. :smile:

Ya it didn't quite work :worried: but I got a different poll up now

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I'll help ya.

  • Pekekoa
  • Oonie
  • ELK


You may choose up to 3 options.

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He told me he wasn't gonna enter...