Takanuva 2010 In CCBS Moc

This is half a revamp and half a moc. I felt like taking apart my Takanuva from Stars and make him ccbs and '03ish, with a speeder and one large staff. I don’t really like the staff design, though, but I don’t know what else to use.


seems more like a 2010 revamp, but cool anyway

I guess so. Hmmm. I’ll retitle it. :wink:
@GIF.Man.Ben Wow. First, you are correct about the pins, and second the yellow pieces are one of the reasons I don’t like the weapon. Thanks about the vehicle, I figured no one would like it very much. :grinning:

I actually really like this. Anyway time for my groove.

I like the overall look of this guy.
I like his weapon as well, exept for those yellow pieces on it.
I like his overall color design.
He is a bit simple, but I feel he pulls it off.
I do not like those blue pins just sticking out of the feet, But I think they are there to attach to the vehicle correct.
I like the vehicle a lot for some strange reason, despite it being quite simple.

Overall It real groovy man. But hey that’s just an opinion, my opinion.

Looks good so far. I have to question the use of the Av-Matoran head though, plus the shoulders are a bit broad. Regardless, looks good.

I like the look of takanuva and also the vehicle that he is riding on. Nice job

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Nice moc man I really like the speeder, but it kinda looks like it would be for a toa of ice.

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I like it but quick question, why the trans blue if Takanuva wasn’t a toa of ice?

I got to say this looks pretty nice.
Love the vehicle.

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I really like the vehicle, but Takanuva himself has a questionable color scheme. Really just the light blue. I’d also recommend an alternate head connection. It is a bit hunch backed for the character.

I like it, it just needs some work :smile:

This moc is the testament to my dearth of properly coloured ccbs bones.:disappointed:

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