Takanuva and Makuta (2003) Complete with Instructions

So, I've recently come across a deal that requires that I buy second Takanuva and Makuta sets in order to get Jaller and Takua. Would anyone be interested in purchasing them for $50? They come with instructions. Hope you guys are interested so I can help somebody else complete their 2003 collection as well as mine! smiley

I still have these items! Post if you're interested!

Dang it! Why did you have to post this AFTER my vacation?


Does that mean you're out of money? I'd be willing to sell them to you if you can come up with it in the next few weeks.

Yeah, that's what I meant. Unfortunately, my birthday isn't until September 24, so I doubt I could raise the money in time. Even then, there were other things I was saving for, so...

I'd be willing to sell them to you in September if you can commit to paying for them then. smile

That's the thing - not sure I can commit.

Keep in mind, with Bionicle's imminent return, prices of old sets are gonna shoot up. You'll be helping me finish off my '03 collection too smiley

Aaaaoooaaaaahhhh..... You're making it hard!

Alright, first off, are they each 100% complete?
Secondly, do you know the conditions of their joints?

They are 100% complete, I haven't checked their joints. But I'll agree to this, since I have doubles of the sets, the ones that I currently have in my possession are completely fine. If the new ones aren't, I'll give you the ones I currently have.

Dude... okay, I'm almost convinced.
But if I accept, you have to sell them to me through an official website (e.g. Amazon),; I don't give out my address to anybody.

I can do bricklink? Is that okay?

Wait, that was stupid - all those websites use addresses.

Bricklink is fine. Now it's just a matter of do I accept...
Is there any chance of lowering the price a bit? I don't mean to be greedy, but it would help me a little.

In order for me to break even on those two, the lowest I can go is $43 for the sets themselves, and I need to take into consideration shipping costs...I might already be losing a few dollars. But I'm okay with it to help both of us get sets we need. smile

Okay, how much would shipping be? I never see that listed on Bricklink...

If I mail them disassembled, it should be around $7-10. So, I'm already risking losing a few dollars if I sell it to you for $50 ($43 for the sets, and as much as $10 for shipping).

Well, if you sold it for $43 with $7-10 shipping, I can see that working for me. Would it work for your though?

If you're willing to pay $50 (Or even $55 to guarantee that I break even). When in September would you be able to pay? Would before your birthday work, or will it definitely have to be after?

Do you mean $50-$55 before or after shipping is added?

After. Your total payment would be $55 including shipping and all other fees. (Or if you really insist, I can do $50). $55 would be ideal though.

I'm still unsure about this. I just don't want to be the guy who promises to pay, then drops out once he realizes he won't have enough.