Takanuva G1 style MOC

So i think my second Moc I ever posted here was a gen 2 Takanuva and since he is my favourite all-time Toa, he needed a gen 1 revamp. Here he is;-

Any suggestions or comments are greatly welcomed :grinning:


My only complaint is the absurd amount of black, as he’s a toa of light, but that’s practically unavoidable. Other than that, I like this quite a bit! :smiley:

textures clash a bit, the ccbs, nuva armor and avohkii are one texture, and the rest is another.
the black.
the proportions of the arms.

otherwise not bad.

@Lord_Tuma Thanks. The black is quite annoying, I ran out of white original hand pieces( that’s what the body is made up of) and the other ccbs bones don’t come in white🙁
@Payinku Thanks for the comments. Do you mean the texture of the legs? I’ve got some white ccbs bones, but I would need to change the upper leg so it would fit. Would grey instead of black be a compromise?

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Pretty nice. Better than slapping Iruini armor and an Avohkii onto Toa Nuju

This is pretty cool, but it needs some gold on the legs.

I feel the lower arms could use something different. The black just sets it off a bit.
Great otherwise.

I feel that it needs the mata hands, less black, and better proportions.