Takanuva: Guardian of Light

So I tried my hand at making a g2 takanuva that could theoretically be a set.

So a little about the design inspiration for this moc, I wanted to invoke a sense of a more ancient, primal rendition of the toa of light, given in my head he would be an ancient guardian of some great power of okoto.
The inclusion of the trans orange was meant to harken to his more primal appearance showing him emanating raw elemental energy, the choice of orange was to differentiate him from kopaka, as well as the blue elemental energy of creation.

His weapons were chosen to harken back to his staff from g1, while also giving him a regal yet primitive appearance, this is why he wields an ancient okotian axe as a secondary weapon, rather than say a shield or shortsword.


this is an alright G2 Takanuva, ye

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Too many colors. I'd say at least remove the orange. And more silver to counterbalance the mask.


looks good. I like the sword/spear/thing, the colors and the armoring.

10/10 I'd buy it

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No don't lose the orange it really add to the MOC in my opinion.


Too many colors? All the masters had 3 colors, all the uniters have 3+ colors, I don't get your complaint.

The mask isn't silver, it's the glitter avohki.


It's decent. I'd remove the red/orange though, doesn't really work as Takanuva.

It's okay, but the mask doesn't really work with the color scheme

May I ask why?

The glitter mask doesn't really have any colors similar to it on the rest of the moc, so it looks a bit weird to me

If this was a set, I would buy it. The only thing that bugs me is the axe just beacuse I don't like it.
Other than that, good job, and keep the trans orange, makes him look like a burning star :star2:

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Id say maybe change the trans Orange to trans light blue, just so the colors flow better. But I like the design, the spike work surprisingly well and the should add a nice flow.

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There are already 3 elements that use trans light blue, two of which use trans light blue and gold.

I didn't want him to look like kopaka and ekimu did the fusion dance.


Ya I get that. Maybe just use white hands then