Takanuva Okoto

Takanuva was always my (second) favourite Toa of G1 so I felt like he needed a G2 version, so here he is.

theres not really anything to compare his height to but hes as tall as 2 protectors.
this is my second Moc ive uploaded, so I have a question maybe someone can answer. I've revamped the whole Okoto team, do I upload them singularly or the whole team in one post. theres 4 photos of each toa and 5 group shots. Thanks in advance smiley


Cool! This seems pretty solid!

-I'd wish there was more gold distribution
-Use a gold mask next time, or paint that mask warm gold
-Don't really know what's up with his feet

Those are my only problems. 9/10!


Pretty good, although he could use some more silver.

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@SwagMeister I tried to keep his colour scheme as close to his original self (gold only round the shoulders). ive not got a gold Avokii, unfortunately there are none in Britain on bricklink and I don't like painting. The legs are an approximation of Maxilos from 2007 smiley
@helryx Thanks, where would u suggest the silver goes? smiley
@Booster_Gold Thanks, i will put them in the one post smiley


Very lovely!
I'd buy this!

Put them all in one topic, the boards get a bit cluttered when you have individual topics for each Toa


Try the knee pads and gauntlets. Just switch out the piston piece.

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every time i see one of these takanuva MoCS i just don't like them try making one in the confines of an actual sets

This is amazing. Fantastic work. I love the staffs.


This is pretty legit. Have a turtle: turtle...


Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is pretty wonky, but it works
  • Bulk-Master
  • Great Weapon Storage
  • Like the torso build
  • Don't like the Blue of the Kopaka Chest

I wold give this MOC the rare score of a 10/10.

heart_eyes UBER AMAZETASTIC WORK! heart_eyes


only problem is the silver mask, other than that


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That's a really nice design! I would definitely buy that.

He looks so bulky
I love it.

Surprisingly a great G2 Takanuva! This guy is actually done quite well. The color balancing needs work, but overall, 8/10! gg


This is a good G2 Takanuva. I would suggest replacing the gold under the chima pieces with white.



Feels like an overplayed concept already.

MOC is aight tho