Takanuva, Templar of Light


((Shoot, pictures uploaded in the wrong order…))

An old Moc, took me time to get the images back. I made this back when I first started Mocing, it was uploaded on BZPower but probably buried now.


ya wrong order the first thing I get to see is a face full of bionicle butt . LOL


Totally was not !y intention XD

Imgur sometimes messes up the picture order when uploading multiple pictures at once. This time the order is completely backwards.

Yeah, this isn’t great, the build is haphazard and the colors are cluttered.
And nuva chests don’t work as codpieces.


I think it’s a good idea, but there are too many colours trying to look like gold… it’s like you have orange and brown and yellow as well, which don’t really work for Takanuva. It’s something I’ve discovered in my MOCs too… you need to stick to one type of gold or it doesn’t mesh. Still, a good effort even if it isn’t my cuppa tea.

The color scheme could use some work, I recommend getting rid of the older gold and the yellow.

There’s too many colors. The build in itself is also quite jumbled, not in textures but shaping.

I second literally every post so far.

smooth out the colors a bit, find a better pelvic piece and change the picture order XD
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still looks pretty cool tho :wink:

Not exactly the best, but a good first MOC. There’s a bit of customizability here ‘n’ there, so that’s swell.

Pretty good but cluttered.

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The only things I don’t like about the MOC the hands. (They’re just gears!) and I don’t think that the dark gold fits in well with the rest of the colors. Still, I really like the rest of the build.

Light gold, medium gold, dark gold, ketorange, yellow, and trans-yellow all in one moc? Geez.

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To summarize all the CnC, this was back when I first started mocking, built on the same prototype frame build as my self moc. I lacked the colors at the time to build it right. Still do today. I highly doubt I’ll be updating this moc.

His color scheme is the only thing I don’t like. It’s really all over the place.
Other than that, it’s great!

They actually could though the moc would have to be huge to make it look ok.

I kinda dislike the Nuva chest plate and the protector armor because it makes him look like he has a beer belly XD in some angles to me, but if you fix that issue, overall it’s fine.

The keetorange look a little strange