Takeru, protector of creation

Epsilon Archive
Entry #: 0041
File written by: Alpha

Subject: Takeru
Title: Protector of creation
Mask: Ekimu’s burial mask, partially connected to the forge of creation
Weaponry: energy blaster, serrated multi-tool
Personality: adventurous, sarcastic, brash, arrogant
Abilities: the blaster is able to fire off explosive energy based rounds, while his multi-tool is strong enough to survive and withstand most attacks. He can also harness some amount of power from the forge of creation for a limited time

History: Takeru was born a villager of the stone region of Okoto. His parents were killed during a skull spider attack and Takeru was taken in by Korgot, the protector of earth. Korgot raised Takeru and designed the serrated multi-tool for him to better defend himself.

Current history: After Ekimu was transformed into a Toa, he needed a replacement, someone to fulfil the role of mask maker. Ekimu took some time, asking each of the protectors who they believed to be most qualified, eventually, Korgot informed him of Takeru, and upon meeting the young villager, Ekimu knew he was the right choice. Takeru was taken to the forge of creation, where Ekimu infused his burial mask with energy from the forge of creation. Once Takeru donned the mask, his armor was turned to gold, and he was given the energy blaster.


This is cool, I never thought of doing a MOC like that, but in all seriousness why wasn’t there a temple gardian in the forge of creation?

That’s the first (and probably last) time I’ve seen that HF 2.0 tool on a Bonkle G2 Moc


I don’t know,
just looks like you removed ekimu’s gearbox and swapped his shoulder armor to me, I would have changed something up,
maybe make it a female(with a korgot torso because then she’d look as powerful as Ekimu)
or change a color,
or something.


Understandable, but as Ekimu’s replacement I wanted him to look more like Ekimu, whilst more mirroring a standard protector.

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It really just looks like a slightly modified Ekimu…

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It is a protector of creation designed to resemble a basic protector, of course it is going to look like Ekimu when he was basically a gold Korgot.

It has limbs and armour almost identical to Ekimu though, nothing to make it unique…

If you compare the two side by side I think Ekimu seems the more interesting of the two, which was the idea. Takeru is still young, his mid teens in fact. His armor was turned to gold, so yes, he isn’t unique because he was a basic villager so soon before. He’s new to the title of mask maker, and from a story perspective, hasn’t had time to make himself stand out more, that is why he is a basic moc, this is early in his carrier as the protector of creation.

Not to mention Ekimu has been around (though maybe not awake) for thousands of years.

This is pretty cool!

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