Takua's New Role for G3 [Pitch][Characters]

I know a lot of people probably want to see Takua in G3. He was a major character in G1, and leaving him out entirely wouldn’t be right. But I believe there is one main issue with using him in the same way G1 did. To fix this, I propose one key change to his role in the story. He will not be a chronicler.

The concept of a “Chronicler” worked well in G1. The island was unknown, so anything that the audience learned was through Takua being in the right place at the right time. He was just a regular villager who witnessed the adventures of the alien heroes who landed on their island.

However, this concept does not work for G3. The entirety of the story will be told from the toa’s perspective. The toa will start as just regular villagers this time around, so having a villager to pop up at random times to record the events no longer has much meaning. Also, the matoran of G3 seem like they wouldn’t be as interested in the “heroic tales” of the toa. Some of them don’t even like the toa. And having another matoran around for all the major events would only pull the focus away from the real protagonists.

So to fix this… Takua will be a cartographer (map maker).

I see this role fitting very well as a substitute for his G1 role, and it could also help lead to a few plot details in later years. I’ll just dive right in and play out his potential role over the three year run, and even afterwards.

After the toa save the matoran, they begin to have some down time as the lead up to the war starts building. The toa are back in their own regions to help their matoran with whatever they need. During this time, one of the toa sees Takua wandering around their region. Confused by this, they talk to him. He explains his goal of creating a full map of the entire island, instead of the smaller scale ones of a single village or something. He still has his goofy, adventurous spirit, but uses it for a specific goal, instead of just exploring for no reason.

Eventually all the toa would have come across Takua at least once. After having a conversation, they would go their separate ways and we don’t see him again till another toa runs into him. When the war finally begins, he will be absent. He is not much of a fighter, so he has no interest in siding with anyone. Instead, he continues his goal.

Once the war is done and things are settling down, he shows up again. Great news… the map is complete! Huzzah! His life’s mission is done. But this is Takua. He’s not going to be satisfied with just that. Now he wants to map the rest of the world. His first stop… that ominous storm in the distance that never subsides.

He’s just a matoran. He would die trying to go out there. But he won’t back down. So the toa have no choice but to go with him to ensure he doesn’t die. They originally do it for that reason, but soon get curious about the storm themselves. They enter the storm and find the Lightning Village. They explore a bit, until they meet the synthetic toa, Voriki.

Note: I say “synthetic” because Makuta would give Voriki the toa power. She did not gain it from the Elemental Gods, and there is no lightning toa spirit that she can become. Also, due to this, her original name as a matoran would still be Voriki.

The toa and Takua go back to the island and Voriki follows them. While the toa deal with Voriki, Takua decides to continue his exploration. He takes some supplies and a boat, and leaves the island. The toa continue to deal with Voriki and eventually deal with Karzahni too.

If TTV ever decides to take the story to a new island, then Takua returns. He shows them some new maps that he made of the new places he saw. This gives the toa an excuse to explore a new location, just like they did with the storm. If they don’t move to a new place, then Takua can just return with his new maps and be praised for taking his goal so far.


Sounds good. I like how it manages to give Takua a clear task that he completes, and leaves room for expansion upon G3. Nice pitch!

Also, added to the list :slight_smile:.


My head cannon was that he found a mask in lava and then…falls in. XD

This idea sounds great to me.


This is a good idea. It’s a nice way of revamping the character for a new world.


Frankly, I think its a perfect way to introduce not just Takua, but Voriki too. Nice work, man.


I like this a lot; revamps Takua’s character well and gives a nice flow story-wise to how Voriki is discovered.
Just one little nitpick; I don’t think the entire Toa team should accompany Takua to the storms. Maybe only two or three; otherwise it seems a bit forced that the whole Toa team is accompanying one matoran to chart maps.
But otherwise, good work mate. :+1:


I guess that makes sense. They never really specified what will happen when they get to that point, and I just assumed they’d want all 6 to travel into there to explore a bit. I could see either way working.

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Is it just me or does this remind anyone of the map maker in Hollow Knight?

But I like this pitch. It gives the story a very good reason for the Toa to find Voriki.

My worry about this, however, is that Takua’s presence will become predictable.

Aside from that, I now have the mental image of the Toa having to repeatedly drag Takua away from the borders of the storm.


I’ve never heard of Hollow Knight, so any similarities is coincidence. But I guess that just means there’s a good example of this character concept working.

For Takua’s presence, he will basically be like Haru/Jet/etc. in the Last Airbender. They have their episode, then disappear until later in the story where they can have a role agin. Basically, he doesn’t have a major role in the story, but serves as a cameo for being such a main character in G1.

Two or three Toa could accompany Takua as you said and then we could have their ship be destroyed in the storms. After the time of their scheduled return passes, the rest of the Toa could go on a rescue mission to save the others from what ever peril befell them.

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Ah, now that I think about it, the concept that Takua is a Cameo character that still has sway over the plot makes more sense. I did kinda raise an eyebrow to his frequent absences. But having just a cameo status prevents G3 being bogged down by the perceived need to exactly mirror G1’s story.

And now that I think about it, I kinda wonder if he might be the one to discover Voriki and convince the Toa to accept him as a compatriot, which would be a way to—very loosely—keep the Mask of Light plot.

And lastly, Hollow Knight is a video game. That was more just a joke; I’d advise against modeling Takua after the map maker in that game.


That could be, but I’m not sure how exactly they’d want to set up the whole first meeting with Voriki. They seemed to favor her being an “evil green ranger” role at first, so I could see her attacking them for much of her initial time.

Maybe Takua stumbles upon her on her own after she followed them back to the island, where he sees her not being as evil as the toa think. Then after going on a brief voyage to find new islands, he returns to see them still against her. He then brings it up and eventually they befriend her.

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I like this.


Just figured I’d throw in an image of Takua, with a telescope he would use for surveying the land.


I really like the design. BTW, does Takua travel by foot or on Rahi-back?


Thanks! I actually just started playing with a few new effects for these today, which I’ve just used to update my self-MOC. I may use some of those new details on Takua and Good Guy now. :smile:

I would say he mostly travels by foot, in order to better scope out the land. He may use a rahi once done with an area, when he needs to move farther. Maybe he acquires a different rahi, based on what region he’s in at the time. (So he’s always fitting into the local culture.)


Should he maybe have a satchel to carry his maps and charts in?


So does Takua’s Ussal Crab, Pewku not exist in this pitch? Pewku could be Takua’s mode of transportation for some regions, or just a crab he befriended along his journeys.


I was going to, but realized a separate piece might look strange for a bag. (I haven’t looked it up to see if there actually are existing examples of minifigure satchels) But I was thinking of making it a print instead. I’ll probably try that tomorrow.

The rahi could get befriended, one from each region. So there would be 6 specific rahi. Pewku could be the rahi from Tiro. Whenever he’s there, Pewku would have a way of finding him through their bond and serve as his ride through that region. (The same for each region and it’s rahi.)


If you check my profile picture, that’s the kind of satchel I mean. Kinda like a book bag.