TakumaNuva's Nightmare

The sequel to this: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/eljays-nightmare/10402/12

@TakumaNuva was walking around confused. Where was he? What was he doing? Takuma was very very confused. He stopped his gait when suddenly it hit him. He was inside a story that had no commas!


Takuma was taken aback by the sudden voice. With slow slouching steps the speaker approached him.

Takuma was shocked “DarkTakanuva?”

Dark Takanuva stared at him with his cold bleak eyes.

“You… how could…” DarkTakanuva muttered “I worked hard…”

“Sorry DarkTakanuva but I will not apologize to you. Your use of commas was almost on par with this nightmare!” said Takuma.

DarkTakanuva never dropped his gaze.

“What is English?”

Another voice joined the conversation. It was the Exxtrooper. He started started singing with DarkTakanuva.

“What is English? Takuma don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more.” The duo sang.

Takuma used this distraction to his advantage and escaped the scene. While sprinting around the corner he ran into Viper. But it wasn’t Viper. It was Zaktan. With hair.

Takuma sat up in his bed, confused.

“That wasn’t scary at all. That was just stupid. Hey, commas are back!” Takuma exclaimed, “Who would waste their time and mine in such a stupid story?”

The answer came to him.

“Sorry, it was me.”

“Who are you?” Takuma asked the newcomer.

“I am Emveeon, a member of the TTV boards…” replied Emveeon.

Takuma focused his gaze at Emveeon. But it wasn’t Emveeon. It was Viper. But it wasn’t Viper. It was Zaktan. But it wasn’t Zaktan. It was Eljay’s nightmare. With hair.

Takuma screamed.

@Mesonak, @IllustriousVar, @Viper, @Venom, @Kahi, @DarkTakanuva, @exxtrooper


Okay then...

I don't even know how to respond to this XD

Sorry. It was late at night and I listened to TTV 152 and well, this happened.

It wasn't a dis, I enjoyed but I just have no words, it is just one of those things...


I... Uh... What?

This was an experience.

Should've had worse gramR though.

My thoughts exactly.




Grammar for the win!

Takuma strikes again.

But I had my revenge...



Thanks Takuma, I am very grateful for your help.


This is glorious and you should be given a reward.

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I am scared now frowning AHHHH

Bahahahahahahahahahahahahah...*choak * cough * laughing

Next nightmare: The return of the Kahi-Eljay fusion; with hair.

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Wait, have we actually seen what Viper looks like?