Talek, leader of the Matoran Rebellion (original version)

Talek is going to be a character on a show (coming eventually :stuck_out_tongue:), Matoran Rebellion later on, he -----SPOILERS!!!------- and gained the respect of his village. So here he is, the original design for Talek, which probably isn’t going to be in the show, as I don’t have the parts for that! XD

Front view

Side view

Back view

Tuma height comparison (he’s tiny! XD)

Don’t comment on his neck! I couldn’t prevent that with the build I gave him!


This looks really cool! I like the build, and the Ruru is one of my favourite masks. :smile:

I just finished transferring chapter one, if you want to read it! It’s under “Matoran Rebellion: Chapter 1” :smile:


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