Talek swords

Which one do you guys think is better?


Both. Dual wielding for life.


He should only use one sword! XD

i dunno, i like the look of both

But which one do you like BETTER? (Which one would be better to decapitate a rhakshi with?)

I think that the one on his right hand looks creative, but his hand looks very exposed.

I think that the one with Lewa's katana looks like the MOCs hand is protected and the blade looks more in proportion with the rest of the weapon.

So yeah the one with Lewa's katana is probably better.

Okay! Thanks for the feedback!

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I like the right one better. It looks impractical, but looks better.

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I like the Lewa Katana with the Kalmah armour, it looks really cool! :smile:

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Should I try to make a more conventional one later?



I don't think so, I think it works. :smile:

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You sure? Cause this might be the sword I use for the stop- motion adaption of Matoran Rebellion!


I can't decide and also, how do post a moc?

This isn't the place to ask questions like that. :confused:

I don't know how

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Then ask how on an appropriate topic. This is not the topic. This is a topic for swords.

PM me if you really need help.

I decided I like the left one

I like the proportions of the one with the air katana better, and the more solid guard.

The Solek one.... You know, the right one.