Tales of Baga Nui: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rising

The sun was rising. The blue sun was rising. The pure rays of light fell upon the Baga Nui shore. Dawn fell upon the continent.

Yet, not everything was right. Floating upon the waves was what seemed to be a canister. It took a few hours to arrive on the shore, yet it was there, at last.

The canister started opening, as steam blew from its external pipes. After a few minutes, an "endoskeleton" came out. It was biomechanical, as the rest of inhabitants of this universe. It was alive, yet didn´t have a mind of its own.

Suddenly, a big, mechanical arm came out of the canister, and started placing parts onto the slim figure. These looked like armour plates. When the armour was fully placed, the arm placed a mask on the sand. It looked like a golden Kanohi Hau.

The figure reached out for it. Then, it started having a vision...

A voice started to talk to the figure. Then, it saw, before its very eyes... the Great Spirit, Mata Nui, was talking to him. "Do you really want to take this quest on...? You are still free to back out, if you wish. It´s really up to you."

After a short while of stuttering, the figure reached out for the mask... and put it on.

Then, a new vision began, as the figure collapsed onto the sand. It was the Great Spirit again. "Waster... you have returned to the very world you were created in. I am glad you have decided to pledge your life and service to me, in a mission too big for any other single Toa. Time has passed, thousands of years since your adventures in Metru Nui took place... You do not renember what happened, do you?:.."

"Your destiny is to assemble a resistance with a strong will to bring me back to life. It will also be your duty to teach them the ways of battle, as well as keeping unity between them."

"If you put your trust on me, I shall do the same... For now, I fare thee well, my great Toa. Bring me back to my people. I will, at all times, be at your side."

And thus, the luminous figure vanished. Waster had woken up, and was wandering almost automatically, as if he knew where to go. Slowly, he started reaching full consciousness, and found himself lost. "Oh geez, where do I go now? Well, you know what they say... if you´re lost, go ask some villager. Now, where in the world could I find a Matoran settlement in such big a place?"

Those were the Toa´s first words on his second chance at life, in this new terrain, previously uncharted to him. Let us see where the winds of destiny lead our hero in his new adventures...


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First: where are the others?
Second: Your Toa have a topic?

First: the story is yet being written. New chapter coming soon, probably tomorrow.

Second: you´re supposed to discover them as the story unravels.