Tales of Baga Nui: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Waster had spent a few days walking around the shore of Baga Nui, and traversed the small jungle further inside the land. He was getting a little desperate, in search for civilisation. "Is this place empty? Where are the Matoran?" , those were some of the Toa´s thoughts. Then, suddenly, he found what seemed to be-- a sign! "Oh Mata Nui almighty, finally! Right about darn time." He said, when he came across the sign. It read:
"Welcome to Ta-Ga Baga. Nearest village-- 20 kilometers." Waster was confused, but he followed the sign´s indications. After around 7 hours of walking, he seemed to have found it!
The village was small, and surrounded by what seemed to be-- geysers? The villagers seemed normal, but they were very different from each other-- almost as if they came from different parts of the world. Waster decided to make his approach...

"Hello, my name is Waster, and I come in peace", he said in somewhat tired voice, yet his British accent was still intact. "I am a stranger to this land; may I have a map, or at least directions?"

Suddenly, many Matoran approached him, and soon enough the Toa was surrounded. They were happily cheering for him, as it seemed.
"Excuse me," -The Toa spoke, - "what is all the ruckus about?"
"You´re the fabled Toa of the Prophecy!", a Matoran declared. Waster was still confused.
"What prophecy? Mata Nui didn´t tell me anything about a prophecy!"

The fuss was broken by a Matoran´s scream and the crowd spreading in a fit of fear. More confusion on the Toa´s head. Suddenly, what seemed to be a Tarakava approached.
"Hey... what are you doing here, beast? Leave these innocent Matoran alone!" The Toa faced the Rahi fearlessly. "Do you want a fight? Then, that´s what you´ll get!"

_The Toa stood, unmoving. He then got into a battle stance. "As you will only use your fists, I shall return the favor and do this mano a mano.

Waster´s fists became surrounded by some reddish aura, as he stood, waiting for the Tarakava to make a move.
The Rahi rushed, full steam ahead, towards the Toa, preparing for an attack. Waster blocked the punch, and squeezed the Tarakava´s fist a little. The Rahi screamed in anger, and launched its mechanical tongue at Waster´s face.

"Now, that´s where you are mistaken. You have a trick up your sleeve? That´s not fighting fair. You´re disrespecting my nobility, and therefore... YOU DESERVE TO SEE MY FULL POWER!"

Time seemed to go very fast for the Tarakava. Almost as if it was slowing down. Waster then grabbed a big axe from his back and slashed the Rahi´s tongue in half!

"Wow.. I did not expect that to happen." It seemed as Waster was unaware of this ability, and did not understand the situation too well. The axe slash then brought the Tarakava nearer to the Toa, which made Waster deliver one final, devastating punch to the Rahi, and caused it to drop to the ground.

The Matoran then cheered on, amazed at the Toa´s power. "Okay everyone, thanks a lot" the Toa made a signl for everyone to calm down. "That was really cool, I know. But I´m still lost. Are you going to give me that map, or..."

"Hey, someone call the Chronicler!"a Matoran shouted. Within a short time, an Okotian Le-Matoran arrived.

"Okay, so... this happened... and this..." The Chronicler seemed to be taking notes in a journal. "Oh, hello there, great Toa. I am Bingzak." Bingzak kneeled at Waster. "I´ll call Turaga Gali inmediately to report the recent events..."

"Turaga... Gali?" Waster did not know who the Turaga was, but he felt a deja vu anyway.


Okay, chapter 2 is done. I´ll be posting art of different characters and scenes soon.

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