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Mako had started hauling the body of the unfortunate soldier, muttering how heavy the soldier was, before looking up to catch sight of Alexis sprinting towards Dolphus.
Huh. I guess she is really concerned.


Mariner meanwhile was recovering from his wounds and using a resin to seal the crack in his shell. Carefully he brushed the edges, trying to smooth it down, forcing the bubbles out to ensure good adhesion. After a short wait it was hardened. He covered it with a simple dressing, ensuring nothing would disturb it until cured.

Walking back on to deck he looked for the closest sailer. “Good day Maya, have you seen Caeseus? Was hoping to ask him for an update on the repairs.”

The sailor, looking up, smiled at Mariner then shrugged. “Unfortunately not sir, think he went to brief the Privateers. Waste of time if you ask me, doubt they know what to do with a briefing.”

“That’ll do Maya, they have a very important mission you know.”


Ari stopped in her tracks and turned towards the sound of the rapidly approaching footsteps. Someone was rushing towards them from the direction of the boat remains. A woman with black hair. How did she notice her earlier? The woman had a confident, determined appearance. Ari immediately identified her as someone in position of authority. She had that look on her rather strict face. It didn’t escape Ari’s attention that the woman was wearing a military cape, extremely similar to the one draped over the kid’s shoulder. Ari had a hunch on who that was. She eyed the rapidly approaching figure with an air of curiosity, but inside she tensed. For whatever reason, she had a hunch that this interaction wasn’t going to be the smoothest.

She looked over at Dolphus: “Is that your Alexis?” Despite her efforts, she put a bit too much emphasis on the word your. She just couldn’t help herself.

The only thing more curious than the woman’s arrival was Dolphus’s reaction to it. She couldn’t get her eyes off of his face, side eyeing him, watching for any signs of genuine emotion slipping through the mask. What’s the deal with these two? Why does he seem so attached to her, of all people?

Ari noticed another figure appear in her peripheral vision. But for now she paid no attention to it, being too preoccupied with the much more apparent visage of Alexis.


From the deck of the Caelin’s Hand, Karl saw the group emerge from the forest.
Oh no. Alexis will be… wait. He saw Alexis head towards them, and realized after a moment that Dolphus was one of the people who had just arrived.
“Oh good, he’s fine,” Karl said out loud.


Without another word, Alexis runs up to the gathered party and stops short of Dolphus before kneeling down to check for any wounds. Once certain that there’s nothing too life-threatening to him, she embraces him in a short, hands-free hug. “Thank the gods, you’re alright.” She says finally as she stands back up. “Tharos said you had been flung out of the ship during the storm, you must be quite the trooper to have survived all that.” She says with a warm smile as she tousles his hair. Not waiting for a response, she turns to the rest of the gathered group, focusing her attention on Ari. “Who are you?”


Dolphus was barely able to tear his eyes off Alexis long enough to send a puzzled glare towards Ari, only lasting for half a second. She’s trying to find something out… Her prying is too obvious. Too may little signs. What exactly I don’t know, but-

As he looked back. Alexis seemed to have jumped forward considerably, so it was with a start that Dolphus took in her immediate reaction to his presence.

Dolphus could feel his throat locked as he leaned back, unsure what she was scanning him for. He looked down briefly to ensure the blood-stained part of his shirt was sufficiently hidden by his vest, spending just a moment too long inspecting his wardrobe before Alexis embraced him in a… Hug… maybe.

A flurry of thoughts bombarded him, in roughly this order: She’s actually hugging me… No she isn’t, she’s barely touching my cape and nothing else… Is this some kind of punishment? Does she know? I guess I deserve this kind of treatment… Okay maybe it’s better that she doesn’t I don’t want her finding out about the wing just yet and causing a scene, do I need to tuck it in more?

So as Alexis finished the hug she may have noticed Dolphus’ body crumple slightly as it tried to avoid contact on his left side. But if this was indicative of him possibly abhorring contact, her next action demolished that notion altogether.

Dolphus’ cheeks flushed slightly upon hearing her relief and the following compliment, the mask showing some of the emotion lying underneath. But as she tousled his hair briefly, the mask exploded into a million tiny shards, flying out and sparking in all directions as his lips parted and eyes glowed.

It happened. His flushed cheeks cleared instantly, settling into a ruddy glow as his pupils slowly increased in diameter. For the first time in a while, his brow relaxed, all but losing the wrinkle in between as the sounds of the shore died away in an instant. The only thoughts that entered his mind were to tell her his deepest fears, his most well-kept secrets, all the pains hidden in his heart, but just enough of the real world remained within his vision to keep him grounded in his aspirations.

The wing.

It was no longer a wretched thing, some abomination grafted onto him like a curse, but was a gift, a jewel, something so dear and so precious that rather than hide it from the world in fear, it had to be guarded and shown only to those he trusted the most.

You have to show her.

Were it not for the rest of the world, with all its ghost sailors and giant murder women, he might have thrown the cape off right then. But it was enough to continue staring in awe at her as she, unlike the emotionally distraught child he was, continued behaving like a rational adult.

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Dolphus’s lack of response to her jab confirmed Ari’s suspicions that the rapidly approaching stern-looking woman was, in fact, the fabled Alexis and that the kid saw her in a completely different light from everyone else.

Is she his mother or something? They do look quite alike…

The woman was now in arm’s reach from her and carefully examining Dolphus.

Ari was barely able to hold herself from laughing out loud at the awkward attempt at a hug that unfolded before her eyes. She let out a chuckle, despite her best efforts.

These people clearly don’t know what a real hug is.

After this display, Alexis didn’t seem nearly as threatening anymore. Ari was able to relax once again.

Ari curiosity watched the boy’s deathly pale face turn an almost healthy pinkish colour, which was presumably his equivalent of a blush, after hearing Alexis’s reassuring words. She mentally patted herself on the back for getting a good read on his character. She’d already seen what she assumed was his true face before, and getting the confirmation that it was not a fluke, in the form of this display of genuine emotion, definitely felt rewarding. She couldn’t help but warm up to him just a little bit more, seeing again that the cold, uncaring facade wasn’t everything he was about. After all, he was just a kid, who got dealt a very bad hand in life.

The painfully obvious comparison once again creeped its way into Ari’s thoughts, but she shoved it into the farthest corner of her mind. It was not the time to get sentimental. She had a job to do.

“I’m Ari W-” She caught herself. She still didn’t trust these people enough to disclose something like this. “Just Ari. I am a shipwright and I will repair your vessel for the small price of you getting me off this island and as far away from the Armada as possible.” She threw an uncharacteristically calculated glance at the ship, as if confirming her assessment of its current condition. “It desperately needs it, you know, and I bet that you all want to leave this place just as much.” A big genuine smile appeared on her face.

This time she couldn’t help but notice the figure of a sailor listening in on their conversation. A figure that didn’t look quite alive. (@Winterstorm345)

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“ I found them, or rather, they found me, in the forest. Along with this unfortunate sap.”
Mako said, dragging the unconscious soldier in his grasp towards them.
“All said, I’d say this probably wasn’t the worst thing to happen to us.”


“It’s nice to meet you.” Alexis says flatly, taking mental note of the hesitation to give a last name or what was possibly a title. “I’m sure dolphins have already said something, but I’m Alexis.” She finishes as she sticks her hand out for her to shake. “As for paying you to repair our boat, I would need to discuss that with the crew first.” She pauses, realizing that some of the specters that ran the caelin’s hand may have already been salvaging wood from her boat. “But you’re welcome to stay with us until we’re able to reach a verdict.”


Ari nodded and eagerly shook Alexis’s hand, with the smile still being present on her face. She didn’t seem to mind the dryness of the woman’s greeting.

Ari rolled her eyes at Alexis calling the ship a boat.

“Sure thing. I don’t need no money for my work. All I ask for is a passage away from the Summer Isles, as far as possible, which is where you seem to be heading anyways.” She switched to a much more serious tone when she said this, signifying how important the matter was to her.

“So it’s a deal!” Her face broke into a wide smile once again. Things finally seemed to start to get better for her. At least she didn’t need to look for shelter now.

She moved her attention to the ship once more. She was too far away from it to determine the exact extent of damage that it sustained, But the most glaring issue, the broken keel, was extremely apparent, even from this distance. Damage like this normally sent ships straight to the scrapyard to be dismantled, and most shipwrights wouldn’t even attempt to fix it, knowing that it was a lost cause. But Ari didn’t have such a luxury.
And the unstable looking repairs done by the ship’s crew still bothered her.

“You don’t have a real shipwright on your crew, do you? You won’t be able to complete the repairs before high tide. No matter what your verdict is going to be, I need to talk to the one in charge of fixing the ship and look at it up close.”

Ari looked over at the approaching Mako and pointed at the unconscious soldier who was being dragged by him, looking back at Alexis:

“Uhm yeah… we also have this. The kid will probably want to tell that story.” She knew that she couldn’t tell the truth about what went down in the forest. Better let Dolphus deal with coming up with a good lie. It seemed to be his specialty, after all.