Tales of Zelviru

About Tales of Zelviru

Tales of Zelviru are my take on G1.They are based on first generation of Bionicle,but not set in it.I hope that they are different enough from G1.They are still in early planning,but like in G1,there is big twist that is already planned although when it will be revealed is not.I hope you will enjoy Tales of Zelviru.

Tales of Zelviru#1-Coming of Toa

In time before time,Great Spirit Mata Nui came from Birth-Place,and brought us,Matoran to paradise island Motu Rangi.All was good,until his brother Makuta went mad.Makuta often went fishing into sea,and one day he found Ruvis Squid.He ate it,but within it was evil,and it corrupted him,sending him into madness.

Makuta waited in shadows,and then stroke,sending Mata Nui into deep sleep.He used poison from within squid to take control of rahi,and sent sent them to spread it.Rahi under control of Makuta still attack us,attempting to bring us under poison’s influence,but all hope is not lost.

It was told that six heroes named Toa will come,and end darkness of Makuta.Their names,Tahu,Toa of Fire,Gali,Toa of Water,Lewa,Toa of Air,Onua,Toa of Earth,Pohatu,Toa of Stone,and Kopaka,Toa of Ice.

And these tales were true,they indeed came.Six heroes with one destiny,to stop Makuta.Now that Toa has arrived it is possible to stop madness of Makuta,but they should beware,for Makuta is very powerful…

Information-Motu Rangu

Motu Rangu is island in Great Ocean.It is home to Matoran,and many Rahi species.It is divided into six Wahi.

Ga-Wahi,Wahi of Water,its Lake Naho containing many islands.Ga-Wahi is home to many aquatic rahi,such as Tarakava lizards or Takea sharks.

Ta-Wahi,Wahi of Fire.Fiery jungle Wahi is very volcanic.It is location of Mount Tlama,under which is Makuta thought to reside.

Le-Wahi,Wahi of Air.Windy jungle Wahi with very tall trees.Its northern half Bo-Wahi isn’t inhabited by matoran because of dangerous rahi that inhabit it.

Ko-Wahi,Wahi of Ice,frozen mountain Wahi with great ice pillars.Because of its cold climate,rahi living here often have thick fur for insulation.

Onu-Wahi,Wahi of Earth.Rocky mountain Wahi,its caverns are filled with life ranging from arachnid such as Kofo-Jaga to mammalian like Nui-Talpu.

Po-Wahi,Wahi of Stone,desert Wahi,is partly rocky and partly sandy desert.Aside from desert,it also contains Hagah mountain range.

Chapter 1

Elderly turaga watches sky.He is Vakama,Turaga of Ta-Koro.Six little colorful stars appear on sky around twin suns.Stars in daytime…Are they coming?

Stars come closer,and become brighter and brighter.They are coming. Stars,now appearing like miniature suns,flash with explosion of light. Finally,Toa have come.


Tall metallic being awakens lying on sandy beach,his memory empty.He is red and yellow coloured,and his eyes glow bright blue.Sky above him is same blue of his eyes,with twin suns on it,and countless grains of sand surround him.He stands up,and looks around himself.

In front of him deep blue sea stretches to faraway horizon,its waves hitting coast.On his left,there is tall cliff with mysterious structures on top,on his right there is forest hidden behind thick smoke.Who I am? He doesn’t remember.

…Tahu… calls mysterious voice inside his mind.It sounds like name…but whose name? He decides it probably is his name.Tahu notices metal canister near place where he awakened.Golden sword and silver mask lies nearby.

Tahu tries to pick up sword first,but drops it,shocked with its heaviness.He instead picks up mask and instinctively places it on his place.Strength fills Tahu,and he picks up sword again.It is lightweight now,and as he swings it,it lits up with flames.

“Much better now!” Tahu shoots several firebolts into air for celebration,and contemplates about which direction he should take.Eventually he decides to go rightwards,and departs to explore mysterious forest.


Tahu travels through fiery jungle.There are holes in ground,from which smoke rises. Smoke that rises from these holes in ground sometimes turns into tall flame,scorching nearby plants.

These holes are not only source of fieriness.As Tahu walks,he knocks down Madu fruit,and it explodes,spreading its seeds far and wide.This isn’t sort of thing I would want to eat.

Tahu continues his search.After some time spent exploring fiery jungle he finds city carved into shiny black volcanic rock rising from lava-filled lake.Upon its stone gates are inscribed words Ta-Koro.

Chapter 2

Lewa is travelling through windy forests of Le-Wahi cutting vegetation in his way by his Axe.He climbs on tree,grabs vine,swings on it,jumps on another tree,and repeats process.After third time,he jumps on ground and exclaims “That was exciting-fun!”

Near place where he landed,there is pond with Hoi turtles and Taku birds in it.Lewa examines his reflection.He is tall,green and yellow,and on his head he wears aerodynamic mask.

Near pond,there is carcass,with Kewa bird pecking it.Suddenly it flies away.King of Jungle has arrived,Muaka Tiger.Lewa calls at tiger.“Hello,big cat-kitty,wanna rub-stroke?” Muaka snarls at Lewa in response.

Lewa undeterred comes closer to tiger wanting to stroke it.Angry Muaka roars,and lunges at Lewa.He avoids atttack,and jumps on tiger’s back.He barely flees very angry Muaka Tiger.


Lewa fights with unusually aggressive green Nui-Rama.Nui-Rama are large social insectoid Rahi resembling giant flies.Their front pair of legs is adapted into gripping arms(other three are fairly normal),and their sensitive eyes are protected by kanohi masks.

There are two species of Nui-Rama each having different moutparts,green Nui-Rama have jaws,and orange ones have proboscis. Through even normally,Nui-Rama can be aggressive,this particular one seems to be more aggressive than normal.

_It is probably ill-rabid,I figure-think._While avoiding attacks of rama Lewa notices black slime dripping from its masks._Now I’m absolute-sure that it is ill-rabid._Rama tries to attack Lewa,but he jumps over it.

Rama attacks Lewa again,but he evades,and throws Madu at it.This both enrages,and confuses rama,so it attacks everything around it.

Rama finally lunges at Lewa,not at stone,ussal crab,tree trunk,or some other thing.Rama almost rams into Lewa,but strong wind slows it,and Lewa evades attack. Winds help-aid me! Using his newfound powers Lewa creates strong wind,and blows Rama away with it,and continues to travel through jungle.


Lewa arrives near gigantic tree.Wooden houses are hanging from its branches,attached with strong vines.From tree comes small green figure holding saw headed staff.“Toa-hero Lewa,welcome to our everbright tree-village Le-Koro.I am Turaga-elder Matau,and I have lot of things to say-tell you.”

Chapter 3

Onua digs through depths of earth with help of his Claws,and elemental powers,searching for mysterious place.During his digging,he encounters several Kofo-Talpu,small black and brown mole-like rahi.Interesting,it seems that some types of movement of their limbs is created in their chest,and transmitted through series of gears…

Finally he arrives in place he was seeking.It is cave lit by lightstones mounted on stone pillars,containing six statues._Is that me?And are there others?_There is entrance to tunnel behind statues and Onua prepares to enter it,but gigantic black and brown mole stops him.

It is Nui-Talpu,much larger relative of Kofo-Talpu.Nui-Talpu use their enormous paws to dig through earth,eating various giant worms,Kofo-Jaga,Ussal Crabs,and other small rahi._This particular one seems to be more aggressive than usual._Giant mole tries to ram Onua,but he grabs his paws,and two wrestle instead.

At first,fight is in stalemate,but then strength enters Onua._My mask!It gives me strength!_Onua uses his mask power to outwrestle mole,and it drops on ground exhausted.Something is wrong with mask that protects its head…

Onua picks up slimy mask and strange dark colored slug jumps out it,and slithers into crack in wall of cave._So that is why it was so aggressive,it was parasitised…_Mole now well rested runs away.After some time new mask will appear on its head,but for now it musts stay clear from danger.

Onua finally enters passage holding slimy mask.Tunnel leads to small room with strange mechanism in it.Onua places stones at correct places and door to another passage opens.Onua enters it,and uses lever to close door.

Tunnel leads to large cave supported by stone pillars.Many of these pillars are hollowed,and contain houses inside.Other houses are domes built out mud from river that runs through center of cave.There is wooden sing nearby.On it is written Welcome to Onu-Koro.


“Turaga,I understand that Makuta must be stopped,but how we will do it?” asks Toa of Earth Onua important question.
“You and other Toa must find Kanohi masks,they are key to defeating Makuta.” replies Turaga Whenua.
“Are these Kanohi similar to mask I am wearing in that they give wearer special power?” asks Onua another,also important question.
“Yes,Onua.You are wearing Kanohi Pakari,Mask of strength.Other Kanohi give wearer different powers.For example Kaukau will allow you to breathe water and Kakama will give you great speed” expains Whenua.Onua thanks Whenua for explanation,and goes off to find Kanohi masks.