Tanaru Toa of Magnetism

Hello Everyone, Toa_Aveex Here with another MOC,Tanaru Toa of Magnetism!

History(Real Life)
I was build like I do and trying to make more Matoran when As I built he stared to look bigger than a normal Matroran so a few Hours later he was My first Custom toros built Toa.
History(Bionicle story)
Toa Tanaru,one Of the many Toa Teams on Spherus Magna Head Toward the Newly Discovered Planet of Avean nui.As he leads his team to the Planet with Many colonies of Matoran. They discover a Enemy long Forgotten who will Cause Major Havoc.

Front Shot

Side Shot

Back Shot

Action Shots

Makuta Jalex V.S Toa Tanaru

He can actually reach and grab his Lighting Sword

Heres a peak at my Custom head

Size comparisons

“Don’t Touch My Ussal Carb”

"That’s It…Or is it?

Dark Tanaru

This is a Dark Mirror Version of Tanaru

Front Shot

Pulling Out Lighting Sword

Action Shots

My Self Moc,Aveex With Dark Tanaru
Post them in them Comments!


the red pins look a little off, but other than that, you get the MFS seal of approval :+1:

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The entire thighs are just a no.
The avohkii should be changed.

Other than that, a fantastic Moc.

Mask, thighs and possibly the colors

otherwise alright

This is actually pretty good.

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This looks really cool, though the knees are a little strange IMO

This looks great!
but the red pins tho

I got to admit this is great!
But the red and blue pins are noticeable and the legs look weird.

Pretty good overall.

Get rid of the Avohkii though


I hate this.

Now hear me out, it’s well built, and looks nice, but this is pretty much the most generic thing I’ve ever seen. the color scheme, the weapons, the mask, all of it just makes it look excruciatingly bland.

you have skill. I’d love to see more MOCs from you.

Hey Cal
what does this mean


It means I forgot a word.

Darn,My Moc is that Bad?

Did you read the rest?

Yes,But Hate is a Strong word

I hate seeing potential wasted on generic MOCs that will fade away almost instantly.

Oh,Thanks For the thought!

I don’t necessarily think Silver and an Avohkii make the MOC bad(I actually love the Avohkii!), but I do believe that you should maybe change silver to an accent color and make the main color a tad brighter, except for the Dark Mirror one, because that makes sense to be darkly colored.

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Heads up for Everyone the Reason Why Tanaru Is Gunmetal is because he is a Toa of Magnetism!

Now Everyone do you Understand Why? Ok Good!


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that doesn’t mean it has to be as generic as this. Also, the gunmetal isn’t the issue. It’s the silver. Also, as I’ve said before many times, story doesn’t excuse flaws.

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