Tanma MOC

Tanma, my favorite Av-Matoran, but he has like elbows and stuff


very green


I would stick to normal green grey and a grey torso but with the parts I have this is the most cohesive color scheme I can come up with


I can see from your profile.

Nice revamp.


I only made it because the lime parts of my original Tanma tragically broke. If I had replacement parts, it would just be in set form

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imagine that.


shocking i know


it’s funny to see how many years are represented in such a small build - mask from '08, torso from '09 (at least for that color), legs from '10, arms from '11.

torso i thought was from 08 and gorast but actually maybe it is from tarduk lol. the head is a glatorian head since my av matoran heads sockets died. Don’t forget the bohrok feet in black and the lewa blades which might be from 08 or might be from an earlier year idk

That torso piece was made in '08, but first released in that color in '09. I believe those blades were originally released in '02, same with the Bohrok feet.

yes. i just dont know if those specific blades and bohrok feet were made in 2002 or an older year since they made them in the same color multiple years lol

The elbows make it. I feel like the shells on the upper arms should be smaller, though. And if they fit, grey Vahki feet would be better. But what am I saying, it’s Tanma, he’s awesome however he is. :stuck_out_tongue:

like solek!

I actually like Solek, so… yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

we cant be friends anymore im sorry

sounds good

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found a lime nuva chestplate at goodwill and decided best use of it would be to enhance this moc

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