Tarfa, "Free spirit Caged"

Once a hunter on his home island, Tarfang was shipped to Karzahnni for repairs after he accidentally killed another Matoran. Needless to say, he wasn’t “fixed”. Instead, Karzahni tortured and mutilated him, turning the proud Le-Matoran into a slave. His mask was taken, and a slab of metal was bolted to his head instead.
The slab turned out to be a powerless Kanohi Manarta, the mask of imprisonment. While at higher levels, the mask gives the power to create prisons specially suited to the victim, the Powerless version is lined with barbs on the inside, leaving the wearer in constant pain.

As a result of his captivity, Tarfang looks on the world with a feeling of bitterness and despair, combined with a desperate desire to return home.

obligatory back view

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interesting. very much so

He feels a bit empty, but the overall shape is interesting.

uh, Cal.
matoran need a kanohi to feed.
tarfang’s slowly starving to death.


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