Targeted spam e-mails

Recently I have been receiving a large amount of spam e-mails based on topics I enjoy. These include Lego and retro video games. Some of them send about 5 at the same time from the same sender. I wanted to know if anyone else has been noticing an increase in spam e-mails.

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I believe Google tracks your searches.

Could be wrong about that.

the thing is my gmail isn’t signed in on safari (the main browser I use)

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Where are you getting the emails?

I don’t get spam e-mails. Except from PayPal and eBay.

Even when I unsubscribe from their e-mails.

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I kinda delete all my emails, so this isn’t a problem, but I’ll check.
(Most of my emails are for things I already know about)

I don’t really get any spam emails.