Tarin- yet another random moc by AmazingDirtHunter

This guy started out when I saw my two Furno helmets and thought I could use them as shoulder pads. I tried it and it looked like crap, and I built the moc from there. Hope you like it I guess.

let me know what you think.


A little bit more black would help, maybe replace 1 or 2 bright red pieces with the dark red of the mask and he’d be perfect.

Overall: 8.4/10 :thumbsup:

BTW, the amount of posability he has is astonishing, he excels in that department :slight_smile:

@DiamondKing Funny you say that, cause his knees can’t even bend 90 degrees. Apart from that the articulation is good. Maybe I’ll put some Black on his lower arms, to match his lower legs, and lower body.
@BlackboltJohnson Dunno, Only thing I could think to put there would be a handpiece, but that woule be too big. i think it looks fine tbh, thanks for looking.

Well that lower leg design sure is interesting. Gives it a very bulky armored look. I like it! But I wonder if there was something you could put on that vacant ball joint up near the knee? It just looks so naked sitting there without anything attached. lol

Well the pose where he is stretching his foot and leg shows good articulation

I’m a sucker for red and metru red colorschemes.

Could use some more Metru red on the legs, but the leg/foot build is quite interesting.

Looks sort of boring

Looks pretty cool!

the legs look cool from the front, but fall apart as you look at them from the side