Tarix Revamp/WIP

I did this a month and a half? ago. It is just a revamp of Tarix. It’s kind of a WIP because it doesn’t have any weapons, and I don’t think all of the design choices are final. I just wanted to post it here before I used the parts for MOC-ing. Constructive Criticism

is always welcome. Enjoy!


I’m not sure yet…

I feel like the Mata blue is unnecessary, and the build should be more dynamic. Also more pictures could help.

The Lego Creations category exists. I forgive you, you must’ve forgot.


Those are some weird upper arms

Wait, I thought I posted it in Creative Content. I must have not. I’m very sorry about that. Thanks very much for editing that. I will try to remember that next time.

The Mata blue doesn’t look right and the legs are a bit basic, but otherwise good job

Those legs look a little plain but otherwise I think the moc is good