Tarnek, The Elder Droid: Brute Mode

I Here’s just something I cooked up randomly. Also this is not Tarnek’s new look, this is simply a mode he has. Also, R.I.P. Brutaka and Axonn. You will be missed in my shelf.


Neat, like how he looks


Nice Moc though. Could beef up the chest so it flows with the shoulders better

I really like the shape of him. His shoulders and torso are really cool.

He looks very interesting. I like him

Why did I read this as The Elder Druid?

Nice MOC, nice hunch. Make him work in a belfry.

Interesting use of Hahli Mahri’s wing blade.

nice mate

I really like how you used Axon’s/Brutaka’s mask

Your taste in television is disgusting /s, but daaang I love the way this lil guy looks! Maybe make on of the legs silver, to balance everything out though.

This looks awesome!

I got to say Tarnek looks great.
Also awesome looking weapons.