Master Swordsman. Cranks out some incredible sushi rolls too.

I bought the mask from bricklink and it was in pretty rough shape. So I painted the chest piece and dry brushed it to try to match the rough look of the mask.

Sword and the hand pieces are 3D printed from Shapeways. I think a couple of the white bones might be bootLego as well, but I’m not sure.




What’re this guy’s opinions on… Tofu?

Looks really good! The colors work really well.

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Wow!! I love the colors!So colorful! It’s great,but I want to know what’s that yellow eye there?

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It’s a small yellow claw put in backwards. So that’s the peg end sticking out of the eye socket.

Just got it, nice

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-Nice blend of CCBS and technicon (technic constraction)
-Interesting feet
-I would probably make the yellow/keetorange more subtle


I concur with this, it’s almost a little distracting at the moment.

The colours definitely jumped out at me when I first saw it, so that’s a good sign I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Sidenote, awesome use of the Hordika feet

Is that cloth at his hips custom made?

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@Bluebrick27 thanks for the feedback. Those parts are all the same standard yellow. The ones on the legs just look a different shade because of the lighting I guess. But LEGO doesn’t make those parts in keetorange.

No, it’s from a BootLego set. It’s this one:

That piece went around the head somewhere. But I could never get it attached correctly.