Tautoko the time jumper

So I made a thing


So my basic idea for this character is that they move between various different timelines and/or alternate universes one at a time. How it works is that any universe he ends up in has its own adventure which after reaching the end of the journey he obtains an Olmak weather it be part of a dragon’s treasure hoard, it being made for him as a gift from a friend, etc. Afterwards he is overwhelming by the power of the mask and he is ripped from his current timeline to a new one and looses all his previous memories and items. think restarting a video game


Him with a mysterious reoccurring character side kick


Seems pretty solid, although maybe a little stiff. I will say I am a sucker for red and silver MOCs.

How about this? (Sorry about the low quality)


I like this moc, it’s not be the cleanest but it still looks pretty cool.
I especially like the use of the PoF masks on the arms

How does he control time?

Does he have a T.A.R.D.I.S ?

I like him, very flowing and a cool use of those Narmoto masks; they really add to him.

This looks great!

he looks really cool but i must say i really love the concept behind this guy.

Pretty nice looking thing

Thanks! I should be uploading more “things” soon

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why just why Whaddon

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Looks pretty compact 'n nice.

The MOC is really well built and very solid, but it could use some more yellow.