These bear like rahi roam the mount ihu drifts hunting for frost rabbits.

My entry for the first round of the 2018 Bio-cup


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang. That’s good.



The shaping on the head with the cloth piece in conjunction with the rocket as the nose really gives this guy a unique look, especially for an animal!

Masterful use of cloth and normal pieces all-around!


Wow. Great use of that cloth peice

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I think we can all agree that is excellent use of the cloth piece, the construction I can see aside from the cloth, is well done and good use of pieces.

There is something about the eyes that looks weird. Maybe the fold from the eyes under the mouth…
Great use of the cloth though

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Is that an official cloth piece or did you cut that yourself?

Brilliant shaping! Also, for some reason I really love the name.

Looks awesome! I really like the nose and mane.

Just out of curiosity, are those the range trooper cloth pieces?

Thanks all!

Yes, those cloth parts are from the range trooper set! Pretty fun parts!


Aw it’s a cute lil’ polar bear

Made out the very thing that’s destroying it’s home.
I’m great at parties.

looking really cool

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